Top Ten Tuesday—Auto Buy Authors

This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust and recommend. This does not add any cost for you, it just means that if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support of me and my blog!

Happy Tuesday! This week I am revisiting a weekly linkup that I really love but just haven’t been able to keep up with lately called Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Top Ten Tuesday is all about books and lists—two of my all-time favorite things, which is probably why I love it so much. This week’s top ten list is Top Ten Auto Buy Authors, meaning the top ten authors whose books we automatically buy, sometimes even without knowing anything about that particular book. When I normally talk about auto-buy authors, I think about authors whose new releases I immediately preorder, even if the synopsis hasn’t been released yet, because I cannot imagine not owning anything new they come out with. The funny thing is, because of this stupid thing called a budget and the fact that weddings are super, SUPER expensive, I haven’t preordered a book in quite some time.

However, I do still think about preordering books (I just can’t help myself), and I do immediately add new books to my TBR list all the time, so I think that counts for this kind of list. And believe me, if I could preorder books as often as I would like, I totally would. So, let me get started listing these authors for you! And for each author, I’m going to add an image of the cover of their most recent book that I have read, just because I love sharing about how awesome their books are.

1. Laura Frantz

Find out more about A Bound Heart here.

2. Rachel Hauck

Learn about The Love Letter here, or click the title to
see my review.

3. Kristi Ann Hunter

You can learn more about A Return of Devotion
here, or you can click this link to see my review.

4. Julie Klassen

Read more about The Ladies of Ivy Cottage here,
or read my review from my old blog here.

5. Sarah E. Ladd

Find out more about The Heiress of Winterwood here.

6. Katherine Reay

Learn more about The Austen Escape here.

7. Cynthia Ruchti

Check out When the Morning Glory Blooms here.

8. Jen Turano

Read more about Flights of Fancy here.

9. Catherine West

Check out Where Hope Begins here, or click here
to see my review.

10. Roseanna M. White

Read more about The Number of Love here, or you
can check out my review by clicking this link.

Those are my auto-buy authors! What about you? What authors do you automatically buy books from?

Mackenzie Carol


  1. I’ve never heard of any of these authors before, but the covers are lovely, and I definitely need to read a few! Great list.


  2. Oh my gosh, I think I did 2 Top Ten Tuesday posts and then forgot about it, haha!

    Roseanna M. White and Jen Turano are my automatic authors. I’ve read books by some (but not all) of the other authors, but most of them are on my TBR!


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