My Bookshelf: Diamond in the Rough by Jen Turano

When Miss Poppy Garrison accepts her grandmother’s offer of financial help for her family in exchange for Poppy joining the New York social Season, she quickly realizes she is far less equipped to mingle with the New York Four Hundred than even she knew. As she becomes embroiled in one hilarious fiasco after another, becoming the diamond of the first water her grandmother longs her to be looks more impossible by the day.

Reginald Blackburn, second son of a duke, is in New York to help his cousin find an American heiress who can help save his family’s estate. But when his very proper British manners lead Poppy’s grandmother to request he teach etiquette to Poppy, he quickly finds himself in for much more than he bargained for.

And while they couldn’t be more opposite, Reginald and Poppy just might find they have more to teach each other than they ever expected.

Diamond in the Rough is the second book in Jen Turano’s American Heiresses series, coming after Flights of Fancy. I have been a huge fan of Jen’s for years, and have loved absolutely everything she’s ever written, though I have to say, this could quite possibly be my favorite book so far. Honestly, this whole series has been fantastic, but there is just something about Poppy and Reginald’s story that is so unforgettable to me. Not only did I laugh until my sides hurt, I also fell in love with each and every character of this novel, and I couldn’t put it down and hated when it came to an end.

Poppy Garrison may not fit in amongst the elite New York Four Hundred, but she is impossible not to love and admire. Although she might constantly get herself into all kinds of scrapes, she always has the best intentions at heart, and she doesn’t let what other people think about her keep her from being who she truly is. Rather than conform to the picture of what society expects her to be, she stands up for what she believes in and puts others first, and that made her such an inspiration to me.

And then there’s Reginald. Oh, how I loved him. Although—at first especially—he often comes across as slightly stuck-up with those perfect manners of his and the way that he expects everyone else to adhere to them as well, he is actually anything but. His sweetness and thoughtfulness always win the day, and his concern for Poppy as she finds herself in predicament after predicament melts my heart. Not only that, but his selflessness in helping his cousin search for the perfect American heiress to marry helped me to know immediately that he would be the perfect match for Poppy. From page one until the very end, this story captivated me, and made me even more certain that Jen is one of my all-time favorite authors. There is just something about her novels that sets her apart from anyone else; not only do they transport you right into the world they are portraying, but they make it feel real. I genuinely feel like I know and understand the characters, and they are relatable. I feel a true kinship with them that is often hard to feel with many leading ladies in the stories I have read, and I commend Jen for that. All in all, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this book, and happily grant it a place on my all-time favorites list.

Rating: 5 bookshelves

Recommend? Yes!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All opinions expressed are my own.

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