About Me

Hi, I’m Mackenzie Carol! My all time favorite things are Jesus, my boyfriend, reading, writing, and baking (especially cupcakes), so you can expect to hear a lot about those things here. With this blog, I hope to share a bit about the things I love, the lessons God is teaching me, and what life is like for a woman in her twenties who is just figuring out what it means to be a successful adult and Christian in this crazy world. I’m a gluten-free-eating, Southern-living, music-loving woman who is about to embark upon the ride of her life, and I cannot wait to share every wonderful moment of it with you.

Why “So I Write”?

There’s this quote, that I read a long, long time ago, that reads: “As long as there are words, there will be someone at the ready with their quill of choice to pen them. Words have always been, and words will always be… so we write.” I do not know where the quote came from, or who wrote it, but it has been my favorite quote for years because I will always love to write.