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Hello! I know I have been very absent lately, and I really apologize for that. The past few weeks have been really crazy with final exams and projects, and I have been so focused on them that I honestly have not even had time to think about blogging. However, I am finally done now!! I …

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Happy April! I cannot believe we’re already this far into 2019, I feel like it was just Christmas! But I’m excited about it because that means graduation is getting ever closer! Today, I am bringing back something that I used to do on my old blog, and that is talking about the new book releases …

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I am so excited to finally share my first post on this new blog! For today, I just want to introduce myself, and give you a little bit of information about me. I always consider my readers my friends, and therefore I would love it if you would consider me one of yours! However, I know it is hard to call someone your friend if you know nothing about them, so I’ll try to give you some background information so that you know who I am.